Nata Village- 2/26

Approximately 600+ students at Sua Community Junior Secondary School received a very informative and educational health talk on HIV/AIDS, STI’S, Teen age pregnancy, Alcohol Abuse, and Domestic violence. Peter Martinez, Peace Corps Volunteer from California was more than serious when addressing the young students on this critical and important issues.


Nata Village, 5/19/09

The balls are to be used by students after school at their recreation facility. The students and teachers were very happy because they have different teams and they can now practice and compete well. It is very good to excise, those were the words of Mr. Tiro when he was issueing out the balls.  After doing their school home work, the students can now enjoy their afternoons by playing soccer.

Nata Village, 5/12/09

Nata Village and Nata Primary were able to do murals that show there status and health. The students hope the message will hit home with their Mural education. The students will continue to educate their community and travelers with more Murals on the A3 road that passes through their community.

Nata Village, 5/6/09

The Nata Village was able to get internet for travelers, the community, and also campers. Nata Village has three locations where you can access the internet. Post office has six computers available to be used at any time. They have a thing where you can send copies around the world. Wild Butchery has four computers and a fax machine that can be used. Plus at NorthGate anyone could use the computers there.

vocab for 4/28

affluent: having an abundance of wealth.

The rich and famous actress is affluent.

capillary: resembling a strand of hair.

She saw a capillary on the floor.

caricature: the art or process of producing such pictures.

They had to go through the long process of caricature.

carafe: a wide-mouthed glass or metal bottle with a lip or spout.

The carafe was found in the ocean.

candor: the state or quality of being frank.

They were so candor to us.

Celestron Digital Micrscope

Want to know if you have more bacteria on your hands than on a toilet seat? Check it out up close and personal with the Celestron LCD digital microscope. While it’s no electron microscope, this $180 instrument with a 2-inch LCD screen can get you 240 times closer to those creepy crawlies, and even gives you a 1920x peek when you use its 8X digital zoom.If you want to document your explorations for all of your curious friends, there’s a built-in 2-megapixel digital camera to snap some shots, and then you can save all those close-up shot for posterity on an SD flash memory card. Hook it up to your PC with a USB 2.0 cable, and show the world what lurks in the microsphere.

Vocabulary 4/8

1.) fleet: A group of ships.

They all left in a fleet so that they could all stay together.

2.) Hessians : People from the region of Germany know as Hesse.

The Hessians went to war with the English.

3.) outbreak: The beggining of a war or battle.

The sudden outbreak came so sudden.

4.) Mortar: A short cannon used to fire shells at a steep angle.

Mortars were used in the Revolutionary War.

5.) Skirmish: Unimportant fighting among outlying bodies of troops.

The skirmish between them was unnecessary.

Aqua Sounders

The Aqua Sounders are floating speakers for your pool, hot tub, or even some bath-time fun, complete with LED mood lights to set the scene. The speakers are completely waterproof and submersible, and could even be used as weatherproof outdoor speakers miles away from the beach. The speakers will play for 6 hours on a six AA batteries, and the transmitter dock uses four AA batteries or AC power. The dock’s transmit range is up to 150 feet, so you can keep the dock indoors, or perhaps you have a really, really big swimming pool. For a real good time, you can add up to 10 extra speakers for each transmitter. Additional speakers are sold separately for $100. The speakers output 3 watts per channel with a frequency response of 50Hz to 20KHz. The speaker or transmitter combo sells for $150.

Vocab for 2/25

Profane: Vulgar, obscene.

She used such profane language that we had to cover the kids ears.

Pernicious: having a harmful effect.

Eating the poisinous plant has a pernicious effect on you.

Augment; to make greater in size.

He wanted to make the font larger so he made it augment.

Languish: to yearn for someone/ something.

They languished to win the contest so they tried their hardest.

obscure: not clear in meaning.

The language they sopke was obscure and hard to understand.

Vocab for 3/31

compact: a formal agreement of conact compromise- to make changes acceptable to both sides.

They signed the compact so that everyone would agree.

consistent: Compatible not in contradiction to all laws and legal processes in the U.S. must be consistent with the constitution.

The laws stayed consistent with the c0nstitution.

checks and balances: A system of government in which the activities and powers of each branch are balanced by the other branches.

The checks and balances keep the government steady.

Mayflower Compact: An agreement signed by the men who founded Plymouth Colony gave rise to the first self- government in America ordain- to enact.

They Mayflower Compact helped many people.

Preamble: An introduction to a document.

The preamble started with the word and and ended with a short summary.

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